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Complete Offensive Coaching System Includes:
30 Game Video Highlights
  • Actual Game Footage of the plays in action
  • Complete Narration of Key Coaching points
  • Slow motion & highlighted elements to better enhance key points

  • 48 page playbook
  • Fully Illustrated
  • In PDF Format
  • Available to be printed & distributed to your team

  • Email Consultation email icon
  • One Email session with the coach to discreetly discuss your team, practice sessions, challenges, and player selections to help you build a successful team this season

  • Win More Games!
    Create Lifelong Memories!
    Have More Fun!
    Gain the Respect of Parents, Players, & Coaches
    Let me show you how to build an offensive powerhouse this season using my Jet Wing T Football system. Over the past three years I've coached my teams to a formidable 28-4 record. I have perfected an offensive system for Youth Football and Pop Warner Football and I want to share it with you. My system includes a complete playbook and actual game video of 30 plays with complete instruction that you can watch right now on your computer!
    "I created this system to help fathers, like you and me, who want to have a successful football coaching experience. Click on the video below and I'll explain why this is the best instructional program available!"

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    Our Jet Wing T football coaching videos and playbook will help you have a winning season. The Jet Wing T offense is a dynamic system that enables you to outrun the defense even if your players are not the fastest players on the field. This package is designed for new or experienced youth football coaches and Pop Warner Coaches who want to win games running the Jet Wing T offense. It includes a complete football playbook that you can print out and distribute to your players, over 30 different game film highlights showing these plays and full video instruction on how to implement these plays. You'll also receive one free, private and discreet email consultation with the coach to help you with any questions you have about setting up or running the Jet Wing T offense. Once your order is approved, you'll gain instant access to the video plays in streaming flash format and playbook in .pdf format. Order today and be ready to win this season!